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#42 -- Five Places That The Doctor Took Buffy (Doctor Who)

Title: Five Places That The Doctor Took Buffy
Author: kerravonsen
Universe: Doctor Who/Buffy
Challenge: tthdrabbles #42 "Five Things"

1. Goolagda
Words: 100

The air was filled with the scents of cooking; spices and fish and hot oil and woodsmoke; underneath it all was a tang of salt, brought in by the sea breeze that ruffled the canopy above them.

The food had come in woven waterproof baskets; the eating implements resembled a fork and a spoon, though the fork looked like it had been made by a demented dentist.

"You're right, Doctor," Buffy said, licking her spoon, "the shrimp is divine." She leaned forward across the table and lowered her voice. "But you should have warned me that the people were blue!"

2. San Francisco
Words: 100

The Doctor and Buffy hopped onto the cable-car. Buffy frowned at the occupants. "I thought San Francisco was supposed to be hip! Those fashions, they're so Nineties," she complained.

"This is the nineteen-nineties," the Doctor said.

"Why did you bring us here?"

"You said you wanted a custom T-shirt," the Doctor said. "I know a talented artisan who does hand-painted T-shirts. This is where she lives."

"Why now, though?"

"She died."

"Oh. Sorry." She perked up. "Hey, that's a plus for time travel; you can visit dead people!" She clapped her hand over her mouth. "That didn't come out right."

3. Campos
Words: 200

It was hot and humid. The dim green light filtered through the canopy of leaves from the huge trees overhead.

"Don't want to make a snap judgement here," Buffy said, "but I suspect this isn't the Extraordinarily Beautiful Alps of Campos."

The Doctor shrugged. "Are you up for the Extraordinarly Beautiful Jungles of Campos?"

"Are they extraordinarly beautiful?"

He grinned. "I don't know, I haven't seen them yet."

Buffy smiled back. "Just let me get some insect repellant."

"Best not; alien insects, don't know how they'd react."

"If I get bitten, I'm blaming you."

They strolled away from the TARDIS, and into the tropical forest. Jewelled lizards scuttled through the undergrowth. Birdcalls echoed over the hum of insects. It was, indeed, extraordinarily beautiful.

A roar shook the jungle. It was between them and the TARDIS.

"Get behind me," they both said in unison.

"Oi!" Buffy said. "Which one of us is the Vampire Slayer?"

"Which one of us has met more aliens than you've had hot dinners?"

They were still arguing when the source of the roar came upon them; a ball of brown fur which was nothing but mouth.

"Oh. It's a Fizgig. They're harmless."

"I can see that."

4. Fooralis
Words: 100

Buffy tested her bonds. The grass rope was surprisingly strong; it had been coated with rubber, which made it hard to fray. She and the Doctor were tied to opposite sides of the same enormous tree.

"Really, I didn't think the Fooralim would be so unfriendly."

"Let's just get away from the Fool-thems and--"

"Foorali, actually. Fooralim is the plural form."

"We're about to be eaten by purple pigmy elephants, and you're giving a grammar lesson?"

"For all we know, incorrect grammar is what upset them."


"Buffy..." He sounded just like Giles.

"I kinda called their chief the Foo-La-La."

5. England
Words: 100

The soil was red and wet and stuck to her boots like claggy glue. Buffy wondered if she should have traded her leather boots for trainers; not that the boots weren't sturdy and strong, but trainers had a better grip in slick mud.

"Ah, breathe that fresh English air!" the Doctor exclaimed, taking a lungful.

"The cold, damp and drizzling air, you mean?"

"Cold? This is spring!"

"Thin-skinned Californian here: it's cold!"

"You're wearing a jacket."

"That's why I'm wearing it."

"Just over the hill, and we can have some Devonshire Tea."

"Tea? Do they have coffee?"


"Hot chocolate?"
Tags: author: kerravonsen, challenge: 042, xover: dr. who

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