April 2nd, 2012

plot tribble

2012 Request List

So, all the requests have finally been made! And they're full of The Crazy as usual. *grin*

There's one left over from last year....

  • kerravonsen: Angel/SG-1. Wesley; more of the Starting Over series. 1,500 words.

  • And here's the assembled 2012 Drabblefest Winners' Request List:

    1. faithburke: SG-1/HP. Bra'tac/McGonagall. "A romance that the students of Hogwarts will never, ever forget. (It's a good thing cats don't blush)" - 3,000 + 2,100 words.

    2. tvashti: - B:tVS/ST XI. Oz: "Vulcans aren't always the coolest heads in battle." 2,200 words.

    3. beer_good_foamy: B:tVS/Terminator:SCC, Buffybot & Cameron, "We're very pretty." - 1,200 words.

    4. avamclean: B:tVS/Stargate SG-1, Buffy Summers & Daniel Jackson, "The most powerful are always the most stubborn." - 1,100 words.

    5. kerrykhat: B:tVS/ST XI, Buffy/McCoy with the prompt: (I Won't Say) I'm In Love. - 2,000 words.

    6. jerseyfabulous: Either a continuation of one of my B:tVS/CSI 'verses, or either or both of the Summers sisters meeting Spock and/or McCoy (B:tVS/ST XI) - 3,500 words.

    7. maevebran: Either a sequel to symptoms of peculiar regard (B:tVS/Leverage); or more of the Watered With Blood universe - 1,000 words.

    8. earcmacfithil: Either a fight between "closet BAMF" Giles and Eliot Spencer (B:tVS/Leverage), or "The crew of the Black Pearl failed to lift their curse and the ship is still plying the waters of the Caribbean in the late 20th century. They take Cordelia as a hostage." (B:tVS/POTC) - 1,100 words.

    9. graycardinal: More of either Closing Pandora's Box, with Alexis talking to Martha or Beckett about it (Castle/PJO); or Where No Sorcerer Has Gone Before, with Balthazar meeting Jim or Uhura (Sorcerer's Apprentice/ST XI) - 900 words.

    10. beatrice_otter: Angel/HP: more of either the Polaris Wyndham-Pryce or Unexpected Connections universes - 1,500 words.

    11. kerravonsen: Give Severus Snape a happy ending while zapping him into either the ST:Reboot universe or the Star Wars universe - 1,400 words.

    challenge #118

    Now that all the requests are in, let's return to a semiregular prompting schedule!

    challenge #118: genderswap

    Someone isn't the gender they were in canon-- either canon. Why? How? Or do you just want to show their altered self/selves in action? Write exactly 100 or 200 words for the prompt. Use whatever means or explanation you please; be creative and have fun. Any crossover touching the greater Buffyverse (Buffy, Angel, Fray, and/or the comic seasons) is welcome, but please post each drabble behind a cut, and tag your posts appropriately.

    This challenge will run until APRIL 15.