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Index Post: 2007 Reward Request Fic

As a preview of possibilities for this year's winners, here are the fic written for those who won the 2007 Mod Birthday Competition. I'll continue to list one year's worth of requests, and their fic result or pending status, in each of the coming weeks.

In 2007, we had a total of 15 participants, resulting in eight winners:

  1. The Power of Two (AO3) for az_anneliese
    "She speaks de truth," Kendra admitted, lowering her fists. Her chest was still heaving from the exertion, and sweat ran down her face, but her tone was as firm as ever. "We were just having some fun."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Buffy Summers/Cameron Mitchell
    ♦ Prompt: Buffy as an established member of the SGC.

  2. Truths Universally Acknowledged (AO3) for maevebran
    "Vala can't sleep, and Daniel tells her a story."
    ♦ Stargate SG-1/Jane Austen
    ♦ Daniel Jackson
    ♦ No specific prompt

  3. Crossing Bridges (AO3) for kerravonsen
    "It had been the first time she'd ever left on a mission where she'd felt like she might be leaving something behind, like she might miss something important."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Buffy Summers & Sam Carter
    ♦ Prompt: A sequel to Fresh Start, in the "Can I Help You?" series

  4. Closing the Distance (AO3) for emony2
    "Something about Nick had kept Buffy writing and checking the caller ID every time her cell phone rang."
    ♦ B:tVS/CSI
    ♦ Buffy Summers/Nick Stokes
    ♦ Prompt: A sequel to Rain Check in the "Grave Survivors" series

  5. Hello, My Name Is (AO3) for butterflyflame
    "Rodney was seldom impressed with other people's work at the best of times, and today's roster of prospective additions to the science team seemed to have been specially chosen to send his blood pressure through the roof."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate Atlantis
    ♦ Oz & Rodney McKay
    ♦ Prompt: Go with the fact that Oz is really smart too and not just a musician

  6. Upholding the Family Honor (AO3) for kneazles
    "'You'd be the Bloke Who Survived, then,' Spike said, studying the young man he'd just been made responsible for."
    ♦ B:tVS/Harry Potter
    ♦ Spike and Neville Longbottom
    ♦ Prompt: A sequel to Unexpected Connections

  7. Going to Ground (AO3) for empressvesica
    "Serenity's newest passenger has been keeping secrets."
    ♦ Stargate Atlantis/Firefly
    ♦ Not Buffy-centric
    ♦ No specific request

  8. 10: Balancing Priorities (AO3) for jinxed_wood
    "They'd sent Riley to break the news to her gently."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate Atlantis
    ♦ Buffy & Dawn Summers as John Sheppard's nieces
    ♦ Prompt: A new chapter in the Uncle John series

I'll tackle 2008 soon! Enjoy the read!
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