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Challenge #103: Don't Tread On Me

Title: Don't Tread On Me
Author: Kathryn Andersen
Word Count: 200
Universe: Doctor Who/Buffy
Challenge: #103 - that thing with feathers
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Words mine.
Summary: Snakes aren't the only things you shouldn't step on.
Note: This is part of my "World Savers" series. The only thing you need to know is that Buffy is a companion to the Doctor.

"Buffy, stand very still," the Doctor said.

Buffy froze. She'd been through enough adventures with him to know that when he spoke in that quiet, serious tone of voice, it was best to do what he said.

"What is it?" she asked softly.

"No sudden movements," he instructed. "Slide your foot to the right. Now step sideways. Another. Good."

Buffy glanced down. Where she had been about to tread, a fluffy bundle of feathers blended in with the autumn leaves on the forest floor. It was a bird about the size of a crow, but with speckled feathers in varying shades of brown. The raggedness of its feathers and the largeness of its eyes marked it clearly as too young to be out of the nest. A pathetic cheep emerged from its beak.

"It's so cute!" Buffy cooed at it and reached out towards it. "Why are you afraid of an itty bitty chick?"

The Doctor grabbed her hand before she could bring it closer to the bird. A blood curdling screech echoed through the trees.

"It's not the chick I'm afraid of, it's the chick's mother. Run!"

"Figures," Buffy said as they ran. "Even if it's cute, it's dangerous."
Tags: author: kerravonsen, challenge: 103, xover: dr. who

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