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Index Post: 2008 Reward Request Fic

As a continuing preview of possibilities for this year's winners, here are the fic written for those who won the 2008 Mod Birthday Competition.

In 2008, we had a total of 30 participants (best year yet), resulting in 21 winners:

  1. Out of This World (AO3) & Experiments in Socialization (AO3) for butterflyflame
    "Oz had figured nothing could surprise him, after Sunnydale. He'd been wrong."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate Atlantis
    ♦ Daniel "Oz" Osborne
    ♦ Prompt: More smart!Oz in the Oz in Atlantis 'verse.

  2. avamclean: added the wordcount to a 2010 request

  3. Through the Blue Vault of Varda (AO3) for ladyyueh
    "The city sang to John, and he understood at last why the scholars always spoke of the earliest days of Middle-earth through the medium of music."
    ♦ Stargate Atlantis/Lord of the Rings
    ♦ John Sheppard with Elladan and Elrohir
    ♦ Prompt: Familial relationship

  4. A Study in Contrasts (AO3) for kumagorou1983
    "Nothing against Rosenberg, but Jack had never figured her for Teal'c's type."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Willow Rosenberg and Teal'c
    ♦ Prompt: A romantic story of how they meet and/or fall in love

  5. Witty Jack (AO3) for glitterangelem
    "For what we want most, there is a cost must be paid in the end."
    ♦ B:tVS/Pirates of the Caribbean
    ♦ Buffy Summers and Jack Sparrow
    ♦ Prompt: Romance or friendship

  6. Weep Not For The Past (AO3) for not_purrrfect
    "I'm sure you noticed I wasn't exactly a fan of yours, when I first came to Sunnydale."
    ♦ B:tVS
    ♦ Kennedy
    ♦ Prompt: Kennedy being Jenny Calendar's relative

  7. Just Passing Through (AO3) for phoenixrae
    "Catherine pitied the CSIs that had to pick up after one of his 'bad' days."
    ♦ Die Hard 4/CSI: Vegas
    ♦ John McClane and Catherine Willows
    ♦ Prompt: UST

  8. rivulet027: added the wordcount to a 2009 request

  9. First Impressions (AO3) for wnnb_darklord
    "Even an eyeball estimate of their technology put this so-called United Federation of Planets light-years ahead of the Anglo-Sino Alliance."
    ♦ Firefly/Star Trek:TNG
    ♦ Hoban Washburne
    ♦ No additional prompt

  10. beatrice_otter: added the wordcount to a 2009 request

  11. Handle With Care (AO3) for polgara_5
    "She might as well have worn a sign reading 'Danger to Life and Limb' in large, neon print."
    ♦ B:tVS/Dresden Files (novels)
    ♦ Buffy Summers and Harry Dresden
    ♦ Prompt: Friends or pairing, something fluffy with a bit of substance

  12. kayleyangel: added the wordcount to a 2009 request

  13. The Princess and the Pizza (AO3) for digiemissary
    " D.G. went suddenly mournful at the question, all wide blue eyes and wounded expression."
    ♦ B:tVS/Tin Man
    ♦ Dawn Summers and D.G.
    ♦ Prompt: Dealing with evil witches

  14. Challenging Assumptions (AO3) for kerravonsen
    "In a universe where a woman who knew nothing of modern technology could create organically based cold fusion, Sam was willing to concede that anything was possible. It just hadn't occurred to her to extend that concept to her own planet... and daughter."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Buffy Summers and Sam Carter
    ♦ Prompt: A sequel to Crossing Bridges, in the "Can I Help You?" series

  15. The Husband of Sha'uri (AO3) for brendanm720
    "Evie could not be certain, but it sounded a great deal like the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of 'Oh, no, not again,' which struck her as a rather bizarre thing for a newly awakened mummy to say."
    ♦ Mummy/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Evie O'Connell and Daniel Jackson
    ♦ Prompt: Book of the Dead, panic

  16. Hang In There, Slayer (AO3) for az_anneliese
    "Connor-- always Connor even to her, never John-- has a well-known thing for strong women, and a hint of desperate hunger in the depths of his eyes."
    ♦ B:tVS/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    ♦ Buffy Summers
    ♦ Prompt: Some time travel in the fic

  17. A Non-Issue (AO3) for jerseyfabulous
    "Nick knew as well as any man that when a girl sat him down with an invitation to Talk it was rarely good news."
    ♦ B:tVS/CSI: Vegas
    ♦ Buffy Summers and Nick Stokes
    ♦ No additional prompt

  18. No Barrel of Monkeys (AO3) for cinnamon_kat
    "Xander was pretty sure he could handle whatever legacy his family of origin had gifted him with, even if it wasn't exactly what he'd dreamed of."
    ♦ B:tVS/CSI: Vegas
    ♦ Xander Harris
    ♦ Prompt: Xander finds his real family, any time before graduation

  19. Work in Progress (AO3) for empressvesica
    "It was funny, John thought as he shook another piece of nicotine gum onto his palm, how things could change so much without really changing at all."
    ♦ Constantine
    ♦ John Constantine
    ♦ Prompt: The self is not something ready made but something in continuous formation through choice of action. ~ John Dewey

  20. For Shepherds They Shall Be (AO3) for faithburke
    "The pub's façade was as plain and worn as McGinty's back in South Boston; it was an island of familiarity in a strange place."
    ♦ Boondock Saints/Dresden Files (novels)
    ♦ Harry Dresden and the MacManus brothers
    ♦ Prompt: There's a sword in Dresden's apartment that's waiting for a wielder

  21. Field Trip to Isla Sorna (AO3) for amusewithaview
    "'Looking forward to the tour that much, huh?' a sympathetic male voice broke into her thoughts."
    ♦ B:tVS/Jurassic Park
    ♦ Billy Brennan
    ♦ Prompt: Pairing with female B:tVS character, not set pre-island

I'll tackle 2009 next week! Enjoy the read!
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