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#114 - Dance, Interrupted (Doctor Who/Buffy)

Title: Dance, Interrupted
Word count: 200
Fandom: Doctor Who/BtVS
Challenge: #114 - dance
Summary: She really should remember that ballgowns were bad luck.
Disclaimer: Universes not mine. Words mine.
Notes: This is part of my "World Savers" series. All you need to know is that Buffy is a companion to the Tenth Doctor.

The wind through the window was chilly, but not as cold as the blade against her neck. "Don't move, lady, or I slit your pretty little throat."

Buffy frowned. "Now this really isn't fair! This is a ball! I'm wearing a ballgown and everything!" She could hear the whimpers of the other ladies being held hostage by the ruffians who had appeared out of nowhere.

I wonder if they teleported. The Doctor would know. Where is he? "Are you human? I'm not allowed to kill you if you're human."

"What?" the hoarse voice said. "I have a knife at your throat!"

"Yes, I know," Buffy said testily. "I also know something else..."

In a blur of movement, she pushed the knife away from her throat, and at the same time, stomped her stiletto heeled boot on the man's foot. Still holding his arm, she flipped him onto his back. Grabbing his knife, she threw it unerringly at a second ruffian, catching him in his right shoulder. Not even waiting to see where her knife had landed, she punched the third ruffian in the face, stole his knife and skewered the arm of the fourth ruffian.

"...I'm no lady," Buffy finished.
Tags: author: kerravonsen, challenge: 114, xover: dr. who

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