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challenge #117

21 drabbles were posted for challenge 116, home sweet home, in 18 crossover fandoms.

Thanks to kerravonsen, beatrice_otter, earcmacfithil, faithburke, avamclean, tvashti, kerrykhat and maevebran for playing.

challenge #117: lost in translation

Write exactly 100 or 200 words featuring your chosen Buffy or Angel-verse character(s) and some variation on this theme; use your imaginations! Any crossover is welcome, but please post each drabble behind a cut, declare your wordcount, and tag appropriately. That makes counting them up so much easier on your mod!

Remember, all drabbles posted here until March 11th count toward your 2012 Mod Birthday Competition total. (And if you post to AO3, don't forget the tthdrabbles collection there.)

FYI, here are the current standings, in order of participation:

faithburke: 9/6 drabbles, for 1400 words. **
tvashti: 7/6 drabbles, for 1300 words. **
beer_good_foamy: 2/6 drabbles, for 200 words.
avamclean: 6/6 drabbles, for 900 words. **
kerrykhat: 6/6 drabbles, for 1200 words. **
jerseyfabulous: 5/6 drabbles, for 1000 words.
maevebran: 4/6 drabbles, for 600 words.
earcmacfithil: 5/6 drabbles, for 1000 words.
graycardinal: 1/6 drabbles, for 100 words.
beatrice_otter: 12/6 drabbles, for 1500 words. **
kerravonsen: 6/6 drabbles, for 1100 words. **
rivulet027: 1/6 drabbles, for 200 words.

** That makes six winners so far! Keep up the good work!

Happy drabbling! This challenge will run until MARCH 4 (to be followed by Amnesty Week).
Tags: .challenges, challenge: 117, event: mod birthday

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