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last week: challenge amnesty!

15 drabbles were posted for challenge 117, lost in translation, in 13 crossover fandoms.

Thanks to kerravonsen, tvashti, faithburke, graycardinal, earcmacfithil, and jerseyfabulous for playing.

That gives us eight winners so far; but there's still a week left to participate! Which brings us to:

challenge amnesty week

For the last week of the 2012 Mod Birthday Competition, write exactly 100 or 200 words featuring your chosen Buffy or Angel-verse character(s) and some variation on one of the prompts listed below (all the challenges since 2008); use your imaginations! Any crossover is welcome, but please post each drabble behind a cut, declare your wordcount, and tag appropriately. That makes counting them up so much easier on your mod!

Here is the available list of challenges:

  1. Double trouble

  2. A truth and a lie

  3. Forgotten and remembered

  4. Favorite things

  5. Lost and found

  6. Small favor

  7. Charity

  8. Hancock

  9. Six degrees of crossing over

  10. Horror movie monsters

  11. Buyer's remorse

  12. Snow

  13. Stolen and freely given

  14. Virtue and vice

  15. Anniversary

  16. Making do

  17. Language

  18. Tying the knot

  19. Beating the heat

  20. Minor character love

  21. Beginnings and endings

  22. Springing forward or falling back

  23. Road trip

  24. Mistaken identity

  25. Be my valentine

  26. Swifter, higher, stronger

  27. Mythic adventures

  28. Golden moments

  29. Not again!

  30. Gifts

  31. Down for the count

  32. Paperwork

  33. Give me the microphone

  34. That thing with feathers

  35. So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu

  36. Movie titles (from B:tVS and Angel-verse actors)

  37. It isn't what it looks like!

  38. Furniture

  39. Out for a drive

  40. Under the stars

  41. Burning the candle at both ends

  42. Three truths

  43. The fiery passion of a thousand burning suns

  44. Secrets

  45. Dance

  46. All's fair in love and war

  47. Home sweet home

  48. Lost in translation

And, here are the current standings, in order of participation:

faithburke: 13/6 drabbles, for 2100 words. **
tvashti: 11/6 drabbles, for 2100 words. **
beer_good_foamy: 2/6 drabbles, for 200 words.
avamclean: 6/6 drabbles, for 900 words. **
kerrykhat: 6/6 drabbles, for 1200 words. **
jerseyfabulous: 7/6 drabbles, for 1300 words. **
maevebran: 4/6 drabbles, for 600 words.
earcmacfithil: 6/6 drabbles, for 1100 words. **
graycardinal: 3/6 drabbles, for 300 words.
beatrice_otter: 12/6 drabbles, for 1500 words. **
kerravonsen: 7/6 drabbles, for 1200 words. **
rivulet027: 1/6 drabbles, for 200 words.

Happy drabbling! The Mod Birthday Drabblefest will end on MARCH 11.
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