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#78 (Amnesty) • Facing the Music, cont'd

And now the conclusion....

#4 (#104) • “Little Fuzzy Animals”

Title: "Litle Fuzzy Animals"
Author: [info]graycardinal
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Challenge: #78/#104 (so long, farewell...) - amnesty
Fandom: Smallville/Velveteen Vs. [see Notes]
Spoilers: None of significance.  Occurs midway or so into the Smallville run (before Lex has gone totally over the edge) and following the latest entries in the "Velveteen" saga.
Disclaimer: Smallville belongs to DC and Warner Bros.; Velveteen and friends belong to Seanan McGuire; the drabble belongs to me.


“The security footage shows you teleporting onto my front lawn.  How?”

Xander’s mind was elsewhere.  “Obviously a variant continuity.  If Lex is my age....”

“Answer me!”

“It isn’t the movies; the looks are totally wrong.  Maybe that Superboy series....”

“You’re not answering!”  Lex blinked.  “Who’s Superboy?”

“Okay, really variant continuity.  You’re still a billionaire genius, right?”

“Absolutely.  And you’re still trespassing.”

“Totally unintentional.  I’ll be going now.”

“Not before explaining—”  bang! “—how you did that.”  Lex shrugged.  “Or not.”


Xander stared.  A small plush army stared back. The woman wearing bunny ears said, “Friend or foe?”


“Join the club.”


#5 (#75) • “Waltzing With Bears”

"Waltzing with Bears"
Author: [info]graycardinal
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Challenge: #78/#75 (small favor) - amnesty
Fandom: Velveteen Vs./Incryptid
Spoilers: None of significance. Occurs following the latest entries in the "Velveteen" saga. (See particularly "Velveteen Presents: Victory Anna vs. All These Stupid Parallel Worlds".)
Disclaimer: Both Velveteen and friends and the Incryptid universe belong to Seanan McGuire (for the latter, see the just-released book Discount Armageddon); the drabble belongs to me.


Velveteen found them a café.  Explanations ensued.  “Random dimension-jumping?  Been there, done that.  Only, not totally random.”

A stuffed bear handed Xander the creamer.  “Neither’s mine.  The genre dial’s seriously stuck on superhero.”

“If the gadget’s being difficult...”

“Could be.”

“I can borrow a raygun.”

“What kind?”

“Reality shifter.  No guarantees, but it got its current owner where she needed to be.”  Vel didn’t mention the eighty-six intervening transits.

“Go for it.”

An hour later, behind the shop, Vel fired.  “Good luck!”


She was blonde, athletic, and well-armed, but:

“You’re not Buffy!”

“Verity Price.  And you?”

“Still not home, darnit.”


#6 (#116) • “Home on the Range”

"Home on the Range"
Author: [info]graycardinal
Rating: G
Wordcount: 100
Challenge: #78/#116 (home sweet home) - amnesty
Fandom: Incryptid/BtVS
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: The Incryptid universe belongs to Seanan McGuire (see the just-released book Discount Armageddon); the Jossverse belongs to Hollywood; the drabble belongs to me.


Over more coffee, Verity listened.  “Let me see that playlist.”

Xander surrendered the player.  “Be careful.”

“Obviously.”  She pulled its headphones, studying.  “No sound, no poof.”

“You hope.”

Verity grinned.  “Some of these are TV themes.  And the others – of course you popped in halfway into orbit!”

“It’s the titles?”

“Looks like it.”

“So ‘Waltzing with Bears’ pointed me at you.”

“Totally.  Just don’t ask why.”

“If you say so.  What now?”

“We download a classic.”

Xander thwacked his forehead.  “I’m an idiot.”

“But cute,” said Verity, as he banged out.


“Where’ve you been?” Dawn demanded.

“You have no idea.”



The Velveteen Vs. universe is a series of online stories by Seanan McGuire. Offering a complete listing is somewhat complicated by the fact that the stories appear in three distinct places: Seanan's dedicated Web site, her professional Livejournal, and her unofficial fannish Livejournal (note that this last includes both Velveteenish and non-Velveteenish things, owing to the state of the tags Over There).  [With respect to the fannish LJ, it's also appropriate to note that while it is in no way a Big Secret, references to it are not and should not be made on the professional LJ in order to preserve its fannishness.]  As a rule, the fannish LJ gets new Velveteen material first, then the pro LJ, then (eventually) the Web site.
Tags: author: graycardinal, challenge: 075, challenge: 078, challenge: 104, challenge: 116, event: amnesty, xover: incryptid, xover: smallville, xover: velveteen vs

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