jedibuttercup (jedibuttercup) wrote in tthdrabbles,

Mod Birthday Competition Complete!

34 drabbles were posted for challenge amnesty week, in 26 crossover fandoms.

Thanks to kerravonsen, tvashti, avamclean, jerseyfabulous, maevebran, beer_good_foamy, kerrykhat, and graycardinal for playing.

challenge amnesty will continue for the next week; but the competition is done!

For lo, I am back from my birthday and pleased with your fictive offerings. *grin* We have 11 winners this year, who have earned a combined 18,000 words! So, start thinking about what you might want to request. Whatever you ask for must be a one-shot, though it can be set in the 'verse of one of my previous fic, if you want.

Your request should include: (1) one character or pairing; (2) one prompt/phrase; and (3) one fandom or cross of fandoms. I'll put the request post up later today.

I'm currently willing to write in any fandom(s) from the following list: Buffy/Angel-verse; Stargate SG-1/Atlantis; Firefly/Serenity; Eureka; Star Trek XI; Fast and the Furious series; Leverage; The Mummy/Mummy Returns; The Dresden Files; Falling Skies; Person of Interest; Terra Nova; or Grimm. (Anything else, you could try convincing me, but I give no guarantees.)

I don't do NC-17, or incest. Just about anything else is fair game. Ask here if you have questions. If you're going with a previous 'verse, my available roster of fic is most easily sorted through at the AO3.

Here are the final standings, in order of participation:

faithburke: 13/6 drabbles: has earned 2100 words of fic.
tvashti: 12/6 drabbles: has earned 2200 words of fic.
beer_good_foamy: 7/6 drabbles: has earned 1200 words of fic.
avamclean: 8/6 drabbles: has earned 1100 words of fic.
kerrykhat: 10/6 drabbles: has earned 2000 words of fic.
jerseyfabulous: 19/6 drabbles: has earned 3500 words of fic.
maevebran: 6/6 drabbles: has earned 1000 words of fic.
earcmacfithil: 6/6 drabbles: has earned 1100 words of fic.
graycardinal: 9/6 drabbles: has earned 900 words of fic.
beatrice_otter: 12/6 drabbles: has earned 1500 words of fic.
kerravonsen: 8/6 drabbles: has earned 1400 words of fic.
rivulet027: 1/6 drabbles.

... oh yeah, and jedibuttercup: 10/6 drabbles for 2000 words, lol.
Tags: event: amnesty, event: mod birthday

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