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Index Post: 2010 Reward Request Fic

Previous reward indexes: 2007 | 2008 | 2009

In 2010, the Mod Birthday Competition had a total of 12 participants, resulting in 12 winners:

  1. Small Steps (AO3) for kerravonsen
    "Colonel O'Neill has second thoughts about his team's newest acquisition... while Wesley Wyndham-Pryce wraps up a few final tasks in Los Angeles."
    ♦ Angel/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Wesley Wyndham-Pryce & SG-1
    ♦ Prompt: More of the Starting Over 'verse.

  2. emony2: added the wordcount to a 2011 request

  3. Hypothetically Speaking (AO3) for idontlikegravy
    "Greg stared at the earnest guy with the scholarly glasses and intimidating biceps, trying to make sense of what he'd just been told."
    ♦ Stargate SG-1/CSI
    ♦ Daniel Jackson and either Gil Grissom or Greg Sanders
    ♦ Prompt: place your bets, please.

  4. Favored of Merlin (AO3) for avamclean
    "Cam would ask what the hell a woman like that saw in Dr. Daniel Jackson, if he hadn't already seen the reaction every dangerous female ever to cross the man's path seemed to have to him."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Buffy Summers/Daniel Jackson
    ♦ Prompt: A sequel to Knower of Names

  5. Better Luck Next Time, Dr. Jackson (AO3) for flyingcarpet
    "She already had two strikes against her in an environment like the SGC, just being blonde and audibly Californian, but with a name like that she really must be good at what she did for Jack and Landry to have hired her."
    ♦ B:tVS/Stargate SG-1
    ♦ Daniel Jackson
    ♦ Prompt: No additional prompt.

  6. Destiny is a Dirty Word (AO3) for jerseyfabulous
    "Camp Half-Blood really was a lot like high school on the Hellmouth."
    ♦ B:tVS/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    ♦ Dawn Summers
    ♦ Prompt: Dawn adjusting to life at Camp Half-Blood.

  7. Loaded For Bear (AO3) for polgara_5
    "The second time I found Ms. Summers leaning against a vehicle outside my apartment, I was considerably less surprised-- and considerably more relieved-- to see her."
    ♦ Dresden Files (novels)/B:tVS
    ♦ Buffy Summers and Harry Dresden
    ♦ Prompt: More of the Handle With Care 'verse.

  8. To Storm or Fire (AO3) for starshinedown
    "It's been a long time since Oceanus last touched these shores," the stranger said.
    ♦ Stargate SG-1/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    ♦ Daniel Jackson
    ♦ Prompt: The gods are real?

  9. Making (Re-)Connections (AO3) for beatrice_otter
    "Wesley was not sure what he would become here, the new person emerging from the shed skin of the life he'd left behind in Los Angeles-- but he was beginning to look forward to the discovery."
    ♦ Angel/Harry Potter
    ♦ More of the Polaris Wyndham-Price series

  10. Walk No More in Shadow (AO3) for kerrykhat
    "Daniel dreamed of the blonde woman with the steel-bright eyes: standing with him atop a battlement, gazing out over trampled fields toward the ominous fume of war."
    ♦ Stargate SG-1/B:tVS/Lord of the Rings
    ♦ Daniel Jackson/Buffy Summers
    ♦ Prompt: Reincarnation.

  11. This Skin That I Live In (AO3) for maevebran
    Lindsey stared at the demon in disbelief. "Wait a minute. What do you mean, half a soul?"
    ♦ Angel/Leverage
    ♦ Lindsey MacDonald
    ♦ Prompt: No additional prompt.

  12. Closing Pandora's Box (AO3) for graycardinal
    "Alexis has learned the truth: that her dad legitimately gets his capriciousness from both sides of his ancestry."
    ♦ Castle/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    ♦ Alexis Castle
    ♦ Prompt: Just who was Castle's father, anyway?

2011's index will have to wait a bit; two are still pending. But hey! Only two this time! *grin*
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