jedibuttercup (jedibuttercup) wrote in tthdrabbles,

2012 Winners, Make Your Requests!

THIS IS THE SIGNUP POST. If your name was in the winners list for the closure post? This is where you comment to specify your request.

Here are your instructions:

1.) Pick one (1) or two (2) fandoms-- and, heck, I'm not going to list them all out again. I'll be generous and say, anything I've committed more than 1000 words in over the last twelve months.

2.) Name one (1) character or one (1) pairing of any type.

3.) Give me a brief prompt or phrase. (You may specify "do not includes" also, but try to keep the list short; and I don't do NC-17 or incest at all.) Or-- you may ask for a one-shot connected to any of my eligible-fandom past works.

My available roster of fic is at the AO3. (The fandom list at the top of the profile page is especially handy for sorting purposes, if you're looking for favorites or checking which fandoms are eligible. )

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to ask. But get those requests in ASAP!
Tags: event: mod birthday
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