Kathryn A (kerravonsen) wrote in tthdrabbles,
Kathryn A

#49 - Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

title: Biting Off More Than You Can Chew
word count: 100
fandom: Buffy/Lois & Clark
challenge: #49 Medical Emergency

This is kind of bending the challenge, but once I got the idea, it was irresistible.

"What happened to you? Bit a lamppost?"

"Ith not thunny! Ith he hadn' uthed ropeth I'd be asheth by now!"


"He looked human. Walked right into my alley, ready thor thucking. I grabbed him and bit him and -- and thith happened!"

"One bit -- fangless wonder?"

"Thtop lathing! He moothed tho thatht -- tied me up in ropeth and thaid thomething about the polith. Oth courth I managed to get three, wathn't going to wait thor thunrithe -- or the polith."

"A demon?"

"Didn't thmell like one. Maybe he had an amuelet oth protection. I don't care. I'm getting out oth Metropolith."
Tags: author: kerravonsen, challenge: 049, xover: lois and clark

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