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TtH Drabbles

Getting Right to the Point

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Welcome to Twisting the Hellmouth's drabble community.

Membership here is open to all livejournal users. You don't have to post on every topic every week. You will find adult material here. Watch your warnings please. Drabbles with questionable or adult material should be behind a cut with a warning of why it's behind a cut in the header (see below).

New challenges are posted every Sunday or every other Sunday by the mod. Responses to each challenge can be posted until the next challenge is posted. *No off topic posts allowed. Only challenges or community information (these posted by one of the mods) and drabble responses are allowed. If you want to "pimp" then do so with a drabble that relates to the current challenge. As in, you write a drabble dealing with the current challenge, post it, and within the header information (like as part of the ANs) is your pimpage. Clear?

Please include a header like this one for each drabble in the body of your post...

title: I think it's obvious what goes here
word count: should be 100 or 200
fandom: what fandom is the drabble crossed with
challenge: Also obvious. Each challenge will be numbered and worded to identify it, either is fine.
notes: warnings, subject matter, etc.

About the posts:
*Please only post to the current challenge.
*You may post a drabble (100 words) or a double drabble (200 words) in response to the challenges.
*This place is for crossovers. That means each drabble should include elements of BtVS or AtS and another fandom. RPF is not a fandom, for this purpose. Also: BtVS/AtS is not considered a crossover. Same universe.
*No incest fic. Please. There's a place for that, but it so is not this community.
*No chaptered drabbles. That means each 100/200 words can not be part of a whole. They can have companion pieces, but each piece must be able to stand alone.
*There is no limit to the number of drabbles you can post per challenge, but if you feel you will do more than one, please combine them into one post.
*Please cut your drabbles if you post more than one at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut.
*Drabbles can be uploaded to the TtH site, but please combine them into one "story" with each drabble as a "chapter" if you plan on writing a lot to keep the latest page from being flooded. Also, you must be a member at TtH to post to the site, but it's easy to join.
*If your post does not adhere to the rules, it stands a possibility of deletion.

Word count:
Titles and the header don't count. Anything actually in the meat of the message does. In other words, only the actual drabble counts towards the word count. Words like 'a' and 'the' count. Hyphenated words can be considered as one or more, depending on how you count them.

If you like something, we encourage you to tell the author so. Constructive criticism is most welcome. We want to promote improving the quality of writers' work. Flames, however, will not be tolerated. If you do not know the difference between constructive criticism and flames, then perhaps it is best that you stick to the if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all approach to feedback.

Please don't come down on an author for a pairing used. We sail every ship save the incestuous ones on this community. That includes slash. If intolerance is your style, then perhaps this is not the community for you. Ship wars will not be tolerated. If you don't like a pairing used, then don't continue to read the drabble. It's very simple.

Challenge suggestions:
If you think you know of a great weekly topic to try, feel free to comment on one of the mod's posts with it. If we use your topic, you will get credit for it, but please check the previous challenges first to make sure it has not been done before.

Further questions or comments should be directed to the mod...
jedibuttercup who can also be reached at jedi (underscore) buttercup(at)yahoo(dot)com

*icon by mpants.